Friday, May 22, 2009

Enough is Enough...

i am well aware we have totally dropped the ball on this blog, but it's all beth's fault! ok... not really, but we have both been really busy and just updating our other blogs has taken what free time we have. that's going to change.

i am about to change my diet pretty drastically in an attempt to pack on some muscle and get bigger/strong/faster. the way i have been eating is just not working anymore. my staples will still be there and i'll keep it as primal as possible but I need more calories from both protein and carbs if I am going to make this happen. the bottom line is i am too skinny and have hit a pretty big plateau in my training... and it's not for lack of doing the work. i think it is largely do to my diet. yeah it's healthy, probably too healthy, and not enough calories. i want to go faster!

luckily i have an awesome FW who is going to help and my homeboy Denner has offered up tons of advice... that dude know's how to eat and go fast! So updates will be coming... a lot more often.

one sidenote. my homeboy Donald has started a food blog. check it out: Chew' Ur Food

just to hold you over... if anybody still reads/subscribes to this... here are some photos of recent meals to hold you over until i drop a real post. really nothing new and beth always gets on me for posting the same photos... but it's what we eat. the weather has been great and i have be grilling it up at least 4 nights a week... i love it!

grilled tri-tip, shrimp, veggies, and bread

stuffed beef burger (blue cheese & sun dried tomatoes) on a gilled portabello mushroom, sweet potato fries, and grilled mexican zucchini

scallops with mango salsa


bbq chicken tenders and more grilled veggies

grilled chicken sausage, buffalo burger, and mushrooms

plated with some grilled/steamed (in foil on the grill) brussel sprouts and broccoli

my favorite way to cook brussel sprouts and broccoli... on the grill. no clean up.