Monday, March 3, 2008

Lagging, good finds, and some dinner.

Ok... I have been lagging posting on VO2 Maxxed. Beth has been getting it done and we actually have two guest family posts waiting on deck. So since I have been blowing it and haven't posted in a while. Here's quick highlight of some of the meals and wines we've had recently and some killer products we found at Trader Joe's.

Find #1: Individually wrapped, single servings of Steelcut Oats. They are awesome and perfect for right after masters.

Find#2: Trader Joe's Spicy Spinach Pizzas

We hooked them up with a bunch toppings... like fire-roasted tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, artichoke heats, more spinach, grilled chicken, and feta cheese.

Dinner#1: Grilled swordfish with corn salsa and avocado with a side of steamed veggies.

Dinner#2: Salmon burrito.

Dinner#3: Veggie Egg scramble

Dinner #4: Filet mignon... perfect medium-rare

We also stocked up on random wines at Trader Joe's. I am big fan of the "House Wine" and Block 50. Beth really liked the Les Moirets Cotes Du Rhone.

there... that's it... a post from me. Now maybe Beth will get off my back!

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barndog said...

brussel sprouts? your gnarly. dig the scrambles aka kitchen sink. we make similar for our daughter, she eats well.