Saturday, May 31, 2008

Slacking and Steak sandwiches.

Me and Beth have been totally neglecting this blog. She's busy with work, grad school, and training, and I am busy with work, training, and getting ready for my racing road trip. As busy as we are we have still be eating well. We have just been keeping the fridge stocked with a bunch for fresh veggies, berries, fruit, and other foods that can be prepared quickly.

When we have had time to get in the kitchen there has been some good stuff going down. Last Saturday Beth wanted cheese steaks. She's from philly so it's to be expected. Obviously we weren't going to settle for a unhealthy mediocre version of the classic. So instead of using Steak-Ums or some other cut of meat we chose to go with Filet Mignon.... seriously.

Beth took care of everything and all I had to do was thinly slice the steaks and throw it in the pan. We had the butcher slice it as thin as he could but when we got home I chopped it up some more. Beth sauteed some onions and mushrooms and then came awesome. She also made a killer horseradish mayo for the sandwiches.

We don't eat a lot of white bread around here... pretty much never. Beth tried her best to find a good multi grain roll but to no avail. So we went with sourdough, which ended up being a great call even though I was hating on it a bit. Sorry...

For a side Beth made a rad Mediterranean salad.

The sandwiches were Epic... and that's not a word I throw around. Beth killed it!


Benson said...

Holy funny comment about Steak-ums. those things are pukey.
Those philly steak samies you make look damn good to me.

BreeWee said...

mmmmmmmmm.... That is what I am making! Next time tell Beth to post her horsey sauce recipe! Do you really use mayo?!!?