Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a day on the mission...

I was thinking about a post of all the things I eat in a day but it's just too much trouble. I am too much of a grazer so here are some of staples... taken from one particular day. Not everything I ate on this day is in here.

Breakfast/Post ride. Protein shakes and smoothies are definitely a huge part of my everyday routine. I am big on post workout nutrition and eating/drinking within 30 minutes and 99% of the time it's a shake or recovery drink. I usually alternate between 2 different kind of shakes.

1. some kind of choclolate, peanut butter, banana concoction.
2. fruit smoothie with whatever fruit we have on hand.

some ingredients for a #1 shake

ready to hit the road. I usually slug it on the way to work.

a fruit version. In my favorite glass!

Some of my Lunch (at my desk).
- homemade egg salad: 1 egg, 3 whites, red onion, red bell pepper, celery, pickles, honey & grainy mustard, and spoonful of chive cottage cheese.
- 2 corn tortillas (ingredients: corn, water, lime)
- 100 calorie packet of Wholly Guacalmole
- Tapatio hot sauce

kind of weird but very good...

Now let's get to dinner. Last night it was grilled top sirloin, and a pile of steamed veggies (broccoli, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, zucchini squash and carrots)
I also made a small side salad. Mixed greens, strawberries, bleu cheese, walnuts, almond slivers and a balsalmic/honey mustard/agave nectar dressing.
close up of the salad.

and of course I topped the night with a glass of this....

One more quick thing... Beth and I both really sauces (bbq, steak, siracha, ketchup, mustard, etc.) with our food. This can be kind of tough. Most things in the grocery store have a ton of ingredients and usually have quite a bit of added sugar and random chemicals. Here are couple good ones though...
we basically live on mustard. at any given time there are at least 5 different varieties in the fridge. organic honey mustard from whole foods. good one.

Last thing... If you are trying to kick the soda or artificial sweetener habit I highly recommend some sparkling water. In my opinin crystal geyers is the best and they have quite a few flavors. drink up.


GZ said...

Best sauce ever is ... horse radish. Mustard with horse radish ... killer.

Smoothies in the GZ house are just whatever fruit is laying around. It is a great way for me to sneak in carrots, broch, zukes, etc to my 7yo who still looks at most veggies as equivalent to poison (his 10yo sibling loves em all though).

beth said...

dude. any man who cooks such a pretty delicious dinner for himself while his girlfriend is across the country is either CHEATING ON HER or REALLY BORED!
just kidding. i know that took you all of 10 minutes. looks good.

and i second GZ's horseradish call.

Girl on a Bike said...

What do you (guys) eat for mid morning and mid afternoon snacks? Kinda struggling with some weight gain (I think due to not riding as much), but am trying to clean up the diet as well.

I don't ride enough to graze ;)

Sarah said...

Hey JAMES AND BETH! It was SO COOL to meet you both at Vineman!! I wish you guys lived closer b/c you seem like neat people.

Anyway, question about your salad dressing w/the agave nectar - what are the ingredients of this dressing? I have agave nectar from another recipe I used and have been trying to find other uses for it. A dressing recipe sounds good!!

(you can either post it if you have a chance...or email me strejo127[at]gmail[dot]com)

kerrie said...

i third the horseradish - yummy! i really like the egg salad recipe with corn tortillas...i'll have to try that. i'm allergic to wheat(gluten) so sometimes my lunches get pretty boring.

JP Flores said...

great suggestion on the sparkling water. Most of the time I crave a soda, I simply want the carbonation...sparkling water is a good alternative to normal carbonated drinks