Sunday, August 3, 2008

taking it to another level... an experiment.

I read a blog last week that was very inspiring, reassuring, and motivating.

Check out this post by Simon Whitfield.

If you guys don't know Simon Whitfield is one of the fastest triathletes in the world and an Olympic Gold Medal winner... and he's making another run at this year. Whitfield is definitely one of my favorite triathletes and he has one of the best blogs out there. Beth says I have a man-crush on him... maybe so! The dude is fast!

So his post was about the way he eats and it was a good one. He follows a very Primal/Paleo diet (as discussed on Mark's Daily Apple) which is much like what Beth I strive for (check out "Nutrition Mission" post). I have had people tell me that this kind of diet (low grain, high fat/protein, tons of fruits/veggies) is not sustainable or beneficial for an athlete but I have always disagreed. Since I have been eating this way (all this season) I have been feeling great, recovery better than ever, and have had the best races of my life.

a typical dinner these days. Grilled top sirloin and grilled veggie salad.

After reading Simon's post I am going to step it up a notch and add more good, healthy fat to my diet. I already get quite a bit from raw nuts, nut butters, flax seeds, and meat but I don't think I am using enough healthy oils. I also think I can up my protein intake a bit. So over the next month I am going to adding a considerable amount of fat to my diet and upping the protein intake.

I hit the store over the weekend and stocked up on some essentials.

Beth has also recently turned me onto Kombucha. So I am going to be trying to get a serving a day of the "miracle" juice.

that's about it... we'll see how it goes and I will post some more later on how it's going.


Jim said...

You are really taking healthy eating to the next level. I think by searching out many differing opinions and nutritional plans, taking from them what you feel is right for you, is a very wise decision.

Your body will definitely let you know what works and what doesn't.

I read some of the posts on "Mark's Daily apple", per your recommendation. You were right. His basic theory and plan could be easily adapted to mine and your mother's diet. Although, I am still a junk food junkie, and that is a hard habit to break, but I guess I can give it a try.

By the way, a couple more recipes are in the works. (HaHa)

Say HI to Beth for us.

Ryan Denner said...

nice work dude! I ate a lot of fat over the course of my training (blood glucose level was 91 in late june, and for comparison purposes, Mark Sisson himself is at 90), and it definitely worked well for me. look for my "Primal" post soon...

runninggunner said...

Just read Simon's post before reading yours. It's definitely inspiring. Simon is awesome, agreed.

FatDad said...

You're not alone. I have been accused at work of having a man crush on SQW. Dude's a good Canadian kid who can throw down with the best. It could be worse...hahaha
I'd love to hear how adding the oils works out. Aside from on a salad I'd like to hear how to include them.

Shan said...

Dude, I love the Kombucha - it's like a party in your mouth! The mango one is pretty tasty...

I've been trying to adopt more and more of the paleo-diet, as I've been slowly weaning myself off my love of Bread and Cie bread...I definitely feel a lot better on this sort of diet.

I'm curious about how to use all these different sorts of oils...I'll go consult Mark's Daily Apple and Simon's blog...


hk said...

love the site, very helpful thanks :)
i'm all about the healthy fats- taken me a while to get there, but kudos!!

j.p. patrick said...

OK, food slackers!! This blog inspired me to start my own site! I know you two are cooking up the goods more than every few weeks! How about a food post for every five training post? I'm going to try to get my eats on (online) 2-3 times a week... even if it's "work" related goodies...but only the healthy stuff!!

Maggs said...

Kombucha is awesome. My favorite is the gingerade flavor. I now make my own, since a couple bottles a day got a bit expensive.