Monday, November 3, 2008

Dinner with Marky V

On Saturday night Beth and I headed over the Mac and Meredith's awesome beach house in Cardiff for good food, good wine, and definitely good company.

Marky V offered to cook us dinner and promised he wouldn't let us down... and he didn't.

the chef... so stoked on his halloween candy!

On the menu:
Grilled Salmon
Grilled tilapia
Grilled chicken
spinach salad
saffrron rice
grainy garlic bread

Everything was cooked to perfection and we stuffed ourselves. Beth and I brought dessert and wine.

When we were in Sonoma for Vineman we visited the UNTI winery and picked a bottle of their 2004 Syrah. We figured this was a good occasion to open it up and it was good. I think I drank half of it myself.

For dessert... you guessed it. Fro yo!


Sarah said...


I've had it before, NICE choice.

I hope if you guys come up for Vineman again we can all hang out and drink good wine and eat good food. Yum.

AND James, I bought the PB2 - it ROCKS!!!! I heart it so much, thank you thank you.

I also bought 3 boxes of Matisse and Jack's bars, but haven't made them yet.

Also, recipe to come very soon...I promise.

j.p. patrick said...

Ahhh.. you changed the header photo to the notorious cabbage leaf "tortilla" tacos! The salsa looks awesome!! ;)