Sunday, February 8, 2009

8oz Burger Bar

This will be the first resaurant review here on Vo2 Maxxed. It's something I have been meaning to do for quite some time just never have. So here it goes.

It's now secret that I am huge fan of Mexican food, and in particular, healthy burritos usually filled with grilled fish and veggies... and plenty of guac. A close second for me is a good burger. When I say a good burger I mean quality meat (it can be chicken or turkey too) and these I am always on the lookout for grass-fed/organic options.

This weekend I was up in Los Angeles hanging out with my sister and I was looking for new restaurant to try. She first suggest Tart, which looks good, but I wanted an epic burger. So I discovered 8oz Burger Bar and all it took was one look at the menu and I was in... and what sealed the deal it that they have Green Flash West Coast IPA on draft. I just posted on my beer blog a couple of weeks ago that this could be my new favorite beer. So I was stoked.

Green Flash West Coast IPA

The menu is simple. You basically just pick your burger and then can pick from a bunch of killer toppings. I ordered their signature "8oz" and my sister ordered the "Melrose".

Here's the description of the burgers from the site:

"The 8oz" signature burther, as well as the "Melrose", are made using only humanly raised, hormone-free Blank Angus sirloin, short rib, and chuck. Meat is ground in-house then aged in a Himalayan salt-tiled meat locker before being grilled on live oak.

I got mine with lettuce, pickle, 80z special sauce, and balsamic grilled red onions. I also got a side of their sweet potato chips and heirloom tomato ketchup.

My sister got her "Melrose" as is which comes with wild baby arugula, garlic roasted tomatoes, and red onion marmalade with a side of roasted baby broccoli.

The crazy cocktail my sister got.

Our food was awesome. It's definitely one the best burgers I have ever had... if the not the best. I can't wait to go back and try some more of their epic food and beers.


GoBigGreen said...

That looks SOOO good, the burger, not the cocktail.
I am going to try to recreate it..other than i guess i cant recreate the meat locker and all that stuff.
We have lots of good buffalo roaming around here, that may have to do.

j.p. patrick said...

I'm hungry!!!

beth said...

don't listen to him about that Green Flash beer. i think it tastes like perfume...

other than that, good post, babe!